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Michro Mesh

Micromesh, a high-tension special alloy screen mesh based on our longstanding research and accumulated weaving technology was launched at the start of the 21st century information society. Micromesh plays an active role in cutting-edge manufacturing processes that require increasingly higher precision and higher grades for semiconductor products, plasma displays and solar cells.


High opening and high opening area
Micromesh 300-20

Micromesh, a high strength screen with high openings and high opening area, was realized by using high-strength extra-fine wires in our specialized manufacturing method.

Weaving wire properties
20 μm element wires

A screen with high strength and toughness with no yield point or settling using a special alloy stainless steel wire made by our specialized manufacturing method. The newly developed wire made possible a screen with high opening and high opening area as well as high strength.

Comparison of strength of various fibers

Micromesh weaving wire is about 3.5 times stronger than regular stainless steel and 1.2 times stronger than the high strength stainless steel. Our weaving technology made possible a screen tougher than ever before and no settling or permanent set-in fatigue.

High resolution

Because Micromesh has high opening and high opening area, the paste pass through is excellent. And, of course, the rust resistance is equal to stainless steel.
The high reproducibility of Micromesh lets our customers widen the screen printing field and realize even higher precision printing.

Comparison of opening
High strength and high toughness
Heavy-duty type

A high strength and durable screen mesh with excellent plate wear ability that fully exploits the base wire’s properties.

High tension
TOPRO tension gauge STG 75B

Micromesh makes possible high strength, high durability and high tension direct stretch of mesh screen. It has excellent stability and no significant tension drop after cut-off.
For the high strength type where direct stretching is difficult, Micromesh makes a direct screen stretch possible even at 0.6mm. Furthermore, there is no significant tension drop after cut-off.


Diameter Mesh
width (cm)
inch μm μm % μm cm³/m² 102 123 152 156 210 255
230X230 25 85 60 52 31 - -
250X250 20 82 65 40 26 - - - - -
290X290 20 68 60 42 25 -  
360X360 16 55 60 34 20 - - - - -

★Available width (status of production availability)
   ●Circle sign=Regular product (Products are manufactured based on past records, but this does not guarantee future manufacturing conditions.)
   △=Ordered product (Some products may be available. Please feel free to contact us.).
★Calculations of the mesh opening, opening area, and ink volume are based on the number of mesh, the diameter and the screen thickness.

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