Katsuyama City Guide

Introducing Katsuyama

Katsuyama City Guide

Katsuyama is a rural city of about 25,000 people located in the northeastern corner of Fukui Prefecture, a region blessed with abundant natural beauty. Surrounded by soaring mountains over 1,000m high, the city is located in a valley basin carved out by the Kuzuryu River, the largest river in Fukui. Since the beginning of the 20th century the main industry in Katsuyama has been textile production, and the agriculture and forestry sectors are particularly active as well. Special foods from Katsuyama include rice, melons, mizuna (potherb mustard), taro potatoes, and soba noodles with grated radish. Katsuyama boasts a wonderful natural environment and many cultural assets, and it also takes pride in being ranked as the 9th cleanest city in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2007. Furthermore, in recognition of the numerous dinosaur fossils found and the unique geological features of the area, Katsuyama became a Japan Geopark in 2009.

  • ゆめおーれ勝山
  • 国指定史跡 白山平泉寺境内
  • 恐竜渓谷ふくい勝山ジオパーク
  • skijamかつやま
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