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Quality consists of a number of elements.
The substances and materials used for creating products, and the manufacturing and testing facilities used in the production process etc. are visible elements. In addition to these elements, other invisible elements also support the quality, such as the expertise, skill and morale of those working in plants, the spirit of craftsmanship, handed down for many generations, and the climate and culture on which the company is based.
Nittoku, was founded in Katsuyama, a land affluent in nature and tradition, has been stubbornly and honestly honing our craftsmanship by pursuing our corporate ideals of wisdom, clemency and delicacy and always observing our universal morals. We have never wavered in adopting state of the art manufacturing facilities ahead of our time or striving to improve the skills and human character of each staff member. These many visible and invisible elements comprise the quality of Nittoku products today.
At Nittoku, all of us are determined to become singleminded in our efforts to combine human potential and mechanical abilities, with the aim of implementing products which would not be feasible using a machine alone and helping create new values for our customers by mobilizing our excellent product and quality strengths.
Nittoku will continue running for the future by globally supplying techniques based on the craftsmanship originating in Katsuyama, Japan.

President Tetsuo Emori

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